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Thursday, February 26th 2004


Events / Seminars / Forum

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It would be appreciated if all posting pertaining to any events, seminars, forum, etc. that you would like to share with others, be posted in this column so as to facilitate netters / visitors to this site.

Undesirable and irresponsible postings will be deleted by the moderator so as to maintain unity amongst netters.

Thank you in advance for your attention & cooperation.  Ws.

Website Administrator
Muhammadiyah Association

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Thursday, February 5th 2004


Kuliah & Kelas Pengajian

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Assalamualaikum, Ingin diumumkan bahawa Persatuan Muhammadiyah akan memulakan sebuah kuliah dengan butiran seperti berikut: Kuliah : Tafsir Al-Quran Pembimbing : Ustaz Abdul Latif Embong Tarikh bermula : 6 Februari 2004 Hari : Setiap Jumaat, selepas Isya' Tempat : 14 Jalan Selamat off Jalan Lapang, Kembangan (Persatuan Muhammadiyah) Dibuka kepada umum. Tiada bayaran dikenakan. Semua dipersilakan hadir. Sila bawa bersama senashkah Al-Quran yang berisi terjemahan untuk memudahkan pengajian. Terima kasih. Website Admnistrator Muhammadiyah Association
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Thursday, February 5th 2004


Welcome to our new web journal!

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Alhamdulillah, our new websites designs and structures are 70% completed. One of the free online services we've introduced is our very own web journal. The main purpose of this journal is to share informations, articles, etc. with our online visitors who has been supporting us all this years and new visitors who wish to know more about us apart from the info available in our website. Posting of articles are encouraged. Articles on Islam must be from authentic sources ie. al-Qur'an & as-Sunnah according to the understanding of the companions of the Prophet SAW and the pious predecessors. Islamic articles not according to the above will be deleted from the journal. We also encourage friendly discussions on certain issues or matters that are within our jurisdictions and knowledge. The moderator will from time to time monitor the journal to ensure that good and proper ethics are observed. We hope that you, our valued visitors and supporters, will find this journal usable and informative, insya'Allah. May Allah SWT guide us according to the correct Manhaj, ameen. Website Administrator Muhammadiyah Association
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